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About Stop The Bleeding!

Stop The Bleeding! follows Spencer, a lovable fool with hemophilia who misguidedly leads an office of ragtag healthcare workers attempting to help the bleeding disorders community, all while being filmed for a reality show (think: The Office meets hemophilia).



Our conceit was simple: if we can make young people with hemophilia laugh, we can make them listen. Each season is crafted around topics of community importance, things like health and wellness, activism, sticking to a medical regimen, supporting siblings with bleeding disorders, asking for help, and taking your care into your own hands. Each of these concepts are explored through comedy first, but given meaningful conclusions that provide often tangible takeaways for our young audience.


Audience Building

Believe approaches audience building through both online and in-person interaction. Each episode of Stop The Bleeding! is released on YouTube and distributed through the show’s Facebook page to its audience of over 11,000 fans. We simultaneously use rich demographic targeting through Facebook’s ad platform to bring the show to new fans for months following each episode’s release. The show is simultaneously distributed to live audiences through premiere events, a companion activity book, and cast appearances.


Production Value

Stop The Bleeding! is a groundbreaking show not only for using comedy to affect change, but for bringing extraordinary production value to medical education. The old model- dry, traditional videos with talking heads and b-roll- are great for reaching a captive audience like grad students or conference attendees. But today’s teen and young adult populations have infinite choices at their fingertips, and to own their attention for four, five, even eight minutes requires something new, bold and bright. In producing Stop The Bleeding!, we bring film and television-quality production value to each season, and the results speak for themselves.

Winner of

2013 Hemophilia Federation of America Terry Lamb Health & Wellness Award
2013 Cindy Gold Award: Medical, 15 Minutes or Less
2014 National Hemophilia Foundation Loras Goedken Meritorious Service Award

Featured on

Fox News
Fox Sports West
Ebru Today

Production Principals

Created by: Patrick James Lynch
Produced by: Ryan Gielen, Patrick James Lynch
Directed by: Ryan Gielen
Written by: Seth Kirschner, Kieran Valla, James Fagan
Director of Photography: Brad Reeb
Additional Photography: Joshua Sterling Bragg

Special Thanks & Partners

Hemophilia Association of New York, New York City Hemophilia Chapter, CJ Wilson’s Children’s Charities, Midwest Hemophilia Association, Sangre De Oro, National Hemophilia Foundation, Hemophilia Federation of America, National Cornerstone Healthcare Services, Mid-West Cornerstone Healthcare, The Los Angeles Angels.