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The Stuttering Documentary

5% of all children stutter. Many will do so for the rest of their lives. It’s a condition shared by more than 70,000,000 people worldwide.

Producer Michael Alden is co-producing the film with Believe LTD. Michael is a successful theater producer (Grey Gardens, The King’s Speech) and indie film producer (Kissing Jessica Stein, Unzipped), and was the person who introduced us to SAY and the incredible young people they work with.

The Stuttering Documentary is made possible in part through development grants from Entertainment To Affect Change (E2AC), Bank of America, and private investors and donors.

Previous Films

Turtle Hill, Brooklyn (2013)

Turtle Hill, Brooklyn (2013)

WINNER Audience Award, Best Narrative, NewFest, the country's premiere LGBT festival. Official Selection in fests around the world. Will and Mateo wrestle with love and fidelity during Will's annual birthday party in his Brooklyn home. The film won raves in Variety for its provocative look at the little lies we tell to hold onto the things we love. "Like" us on Facebook. In theaters May 3rd, 2013. Available NOW exclusively on iTunes and
Dir/Prod: Ryan Gielen
Writers: Brian Seibert, Ricardo Valdez
Exec Prod: Brian Seibert, Ricardo Valdez
Distributor (Theatrical): QuadFlix
Distributor (Digital): The Orchard
Theatrical Premiere: Quad Cinema
Additional Distributors:
Believe (2013) (USA) (theatrical)
Continuum Motion Pictures (2013) (USA) (all media)
Will Pork Productions (2013) (USA) (theatrical)
FireRock Bay Pictures (2015) (USA) (DVD)
MCTV (2013) (USA) (all media)
Matriarch Multimedia Group (2013) (USA) (all media)
Matriarch Television (2013) (USA) (TV)
Optimale (2014) (France) (DVD)
Orchard, The (2013) (World-wide) (video)
TLA Video (2013) (USA)

Drinking Games (2013)

Drinking Games (2013)

Five friends trapped in a dorm on the last night of the semester are manipulated by a psychopath in their midst. Drinking Games, based on the off-Broadway play, DORM, is a lightning-fast thriller with rich characterizations and stunning production value. Similar titles: Funny Games; The Shining; Killer Joe; Drinking Games is now available on all digital platforms. "Like" us on Facebook, buy the film on iTunes, or watch for free on Hulu.
Dir/Prod: Ryan Gielen
Writers: Blake Merriman, Ryan Gielen
Exec Prod: Blake Merriman, Rob Bradford
Distributor (Theatrical): Believe LTD
Distributor (Digital): The Orchard
Theatrical Premiere: Cinema Village East, NYC
The Graduates (2010)

The Graduates (2010)

Hysterical, award-winning comedy about four friends who head to the beach without a care in the world. WINNER: Director Discovery Award, Rhode Island Int'l Film Fest. WINNER: Best Comedy, STIFF. Following sold-out screenings in NYC and LA and a 20-college tour, The Graduates launched at #1 on Hulu, where it remains in the top ten comedies all time. Watch the film on all major digital platforms, including Hulu, Netflix, iTunes or buy two-disc DVD.
Dir/Prod: Ryan Gielen
Exec Prod/Prod: Matt Gielen
Distributor: IndieFlix
Writer: Ryan Gielen